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Mediterranean Inspired Catering

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Dinner Parties & Celebrations

We cater the feast. Your guests create the magic.

Staffed Events starting at $500

“Sobremesa” is a lovely Spanish word that has no direct translation in English. Its literal meaning, “over the table,” fails to convey the captivating experience of it, so allow me to give you a taste.

Imagine you entertaining in your home, only this time you have our catering help. You and your favorite people are gathered around a Mediterranean-inspired table. You share a beautifully-prepared meal. The scent of olive oil, herbs, saffron infuses the air. Maybe there is an Italian risotto flavored with Amarone wine or a French-inspired salad niçoise or eggplant moussaka from the Ottoman empire. You eat slowly, savoring each bite, sharing the meal with family and close friends. You enjoy the food and each other’s company. When the dessert and coffee arrive, you linger—no rushing to finish anything or get anywhere. Instead you relax, socialize and even engage in deep conversation. You feel connected, relaxed, languid. For a short while, it feels as if time stands still.

This is sobremesa. This is the experience Magical Feast Catering brings to your table.


Island Retreats & Business Events

You meet while we prepare food for your table.

Rates STARTING AT $500

Whidbey Island is the perfect place to nourish your mind and soul while we nourish your body. Enjoy catered meals made from simple, fresh ingredients, guided by the season’s bounty and grown by local farms and suppliers. Experience the spirit that is found at tables throughout the Mediterranean basin—set especially for you and your group to feast and share a culinary adventure that sparks conviviality, conversation, new thoughts and ideas.

No matter the size of your group or the length of your stay, we can cater sumptuous meals—breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks—for you and your team. We can be on hand to serve them or we can deliver them ready to heat and serve. We’re flexible and excited to cater to your group’s every food need!

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Delivered Meals

Come home to a meal.

COMPLETE DinnerS starting at $40 PER PERSON

As Kafka once said, “so long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.”

Allow Magical Feast Catering to solve your “what’s to eat” questions! Arrive at your home or your vacation rental to find a catered meal prepared just for you. Maybe you’re visiting the island with family and prefer to eat in. Maybe you live on the island and want a break from cooking or eating out. Maybe you have guests visiting that you want to entertain but you don’t need us to provide service staff. We deliver meals and snacks inspired by the vibrant spices of the Middle East, Italian dishes made with fresh-handmade pasta and imaginative Mediterranean dishes created from what’s in the garden—like French ratatouille. Ask us what we’re cooking this week!


Appetizer Trays

You throw the party. We make it effortless.

RATES STARTING AT $100 per tray

Show up to your own party, delight in the assembly of friends and spend time making memories instead of appetizers. We do the work so you can simply enjoy, gather together and graze on food trays and boards laden with bites made form the finest, freshest ingredients.

We will take you and your guests on a culinary trip to a “far away” place. Maybe it will be a feast of small bites of bold Spanish Tapas. Perhaps a decadent French cheese and charcuterie board. Or small dishes of meze and antipasti scented with olive oil calling forth Italy. Whatever Mediterranean-inspired cuisine you want to experience, we will take you there.

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"Thank you so much for everything! You have made my birthday celebration and Easter extra special!

/  Karen Bowden  /